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Katana Zero Vinyl Soundtrack


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The Katana ZERO original soundtrack is now available in a vibrant 2LP set from Fangamer, this Limited Run Games exclusive variant features purple and blue neon haze vinyl and a beautiful UV gloss coated gatefold package by Dave Zhang (godsavant). Only 500 of the Limited Run Games exclusive variant were produced.

And before you ask - yes, the physical release of Katana Zero we announced at LRG3 is still on the way - we're just waiting to include the DLC that is still in development.

By Bill Kiley and LudoWic, with additional music by Justin Stander, Tunç Çakır, and DJ Electrohead. 

Side A Side B
1. Katana ZERO 6. Overdose
2. Sneaky Driver 7. Chinatown
3. Third District 8. Driving Force Neon Fog
4. Disturbed Lines 9. Breath of a Serpent
5. You Will Never Know 10. Full Confession
Side C Side D
11. Rain on Brick 19. Prison Air 2
12. Coming Down 20. Meat Grinder
13. Noctune 21. All for Now
14. Hit the FLoor 22. Psychotherapy
15. Snow 23. Boss Boss Boss
16. Volition 24. Blue Room (KZ-version)
17. End of the Road 25. Come and See
18. Panoramic Feelings