Knights and Bikes Vinyl Soundtrack


A rad mixtape of bicycle beats, but with enough emotional power to un-curse an island! Limited to 400 copies available through Limited Run Games.

Daniel Pemberton's (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Black Mirror) Knights and Bikes soundtrack is now available on vinyl from Fangamer, featuring 19 tracks wrapped up in art by Rex Crowle and pressed in a Limited Run Games exclusive purple colorway. The inside of the soundtrack’s gatefold packaging features a playable board game!

Side A
1. Theme from Knights and Bikes
2. Lost Parents
3. I Wanna Ride My Bike**
4. Pontefract Rock
5. Pipes of Penfurzy I
6. Luxulyan Warriors
7. The Kings Speech*
8. Treasure Hunters
9. Caravans Roll
10. Laser Thunder

Side B
11. The Curse Awakens
12. Ancient Souls
13. Captain Honkers
14. Swinging Cycle
15. Pipes of Penfurzy II
16. The Bike Shop*
17. Battle Kazoo (Disco Remix)
18. Charge of the Puffins
19. Heading Home

Performed by: The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra
Composed and Produced by: Daniel Pemberton

*Composed and Performed by Kenneth C M Young
** Vocals by Winter

Art & Design by Rex Crowle
Vinyl Produced by Fangamer

Fangamer will offer a non-limited edition Orange vinyl variant later this year.

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