Limited Run #48: DARIUSBURST CS (PS4) Limited Edition

Limited Run #48: DARIUSBURST CS (PS4) Limited Edition

Product is COMING SOON. Check description for details.

THIS ITEM IS NOT YET AVAILABLE. It will be available on Friday, April 28th at 10AM Eastern Time. A second batch will be available later in the same day at 6PM Eastern Time.
Time Until Available:

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. The limited edition is limited to 2,000 copies available worldwide. Region free.

This beautiful limited edition box comes packed with the packaged PS4 game, two Silver Hawk figures (Red and Blue colors), and a soundtrack CD. Each box is individually numbered with the number located on a holographic sticker. Each limited edition will be shrinkwrapped and will be shipped in a sturdy box protected in bubble wrap.

WARNING: This limited edition box is limited to ONE per customer. If you order this, you may also order ONE standard edition copy. Please do not attempt to circumvent these limits or your order may be canceled.

Remaining Inventory: 100%

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