Limited Run Games 5th Anniversary Shirt: Celeste


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Celebrate Limited Run's fifth anniversary with one of three soft, lightweight shirts paying homage to iconic LRG releases!

These anniversary shirts will only be available for the month of October, and each one comes with one random LRG trading card left over from past releases. We will manufacture these shirts to demand once pre-orders close.

Limited Run #207 & Switch Limited Run #23: Celeste opened for pre-orders on January 1, 2019. Developed by Extremely OK Games (at the time known as Matt Makes Games), Celeste quickly became an iconic indie game known for its challenging yet rewarding platforming, inspiring story about overcoming mental health issues, and dedicated speedrunning community. It is a "hidden gem" of a game that is award-winning, beloved by critics, and also cherished by fans.

The Limited Run release was worked on in conjunction with our pals at Fangamer, who helped design the CE (as they also did with Golf Story and a few other titles). The physical release is perhaps infamous for being delayed to include the Farewell DLC — a surprise add-on to the game that included a whole new chapter with more platforming mechanics, additional story, and new tracks by composer Lena Raine.

We're proud to be a part of Celeste's story, and to celebrate it with this shirt. #LimitedRun5

Printed on Next Level brand tees, Limited Run Games shirts are ultra-soft 4.3 oz. poly/cotton blend. The fabric is super soft and lightweight. There's no better way to show that you're a Limited Run fan!