Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. 1 (Softcover)



The Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. 1 is a book that documents the first year of Limited Run Games releases.

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Now You Know!*

Whether you’re a die-hard Limited Run Games collector or simply someone who places value in the permanence of physical media—the one format no one can ever delist or delete from your library!—this book is for you. The Complete Run Vol. 1 covers every game published by Limited Run from the company’s launch in late 2015 through the end of 2016. More than two dozen games in all! 

The Complete Run Vol. 1 presents each release by catalog number across all platforms, including subsequent reissues for Nintendo Switch and other systems. Featuring detailed retrospectives on each game’s design and background, high-resolution package photography, screenshots, and comprehensive scans of all contents included with each physical release, The Complete Run Vol. 1 is an exhaustive resource for collectors and game historians alike. It even includes a checklist to help track not only each game but also related supplemental material, including soundtracks and trading cards!

* That’s gotta be worth at least 50% of the battle

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