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Pound Technology® SNES HDMI Cable


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From Pound Technology® comes the easiest solution for playing your original SNES hardware on modern displays. Relive your favorite SNES games on modern TVs with ease.


  • Works with both the Super Nintendo (SNES) and Super Famicom (SFC) Systems. Does not work with PAL systems or SNES Jr. (New-Style SNES) consoles. *We have received an update from Pound, these cables will work with PAL systems.

  • RGB video quality

  • 6.6 feet cable length

  • Breakaway design

  • Includes 6ft USB-A to micro USB cable with cable management tie offs

  • The Pound HD Link SNES cable only outputs in 16:9 aspect ratio.

The cables output at a 16:9 aspect ratio, but this can be forced to 4:3 by simply changing settings on your TV. You can also capture 4:3 through devices like the Elgato, but setting the capture source aspect ratio to 4:3.

Please note that these cables upscale and convert an analog output - they do not produce crystal clear images, but they do outperform similarly priced options (and are a step-up from the standard composite output on an HD display). There are more expensive options out there in the $60 - $200 range that can produce better video quality, but they may require additional hardware to utilize.