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PS5 Limited Run #10: River City Girls - Collector's Edition


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River City Girls is on a region-free physical disc for the PlayStation 5. Will include full-color interior art and a manual. This is an open pre-order for a limited time.

The River City Girls Collector's Edition includes:

  • PS5 Limited Run #10: River City Girls
  • Original 2- Disc Soundtrack
  • 18" x 24" Double-Sided Poster
  • Commemorative Non-functioning retro cart - for display only
  • VIP Noize Concert Tickets
  • Kyoko and Misako Student IDs
  • Hasebe and Mami Heart Locket
  • Menu from Merv's Burgers
  • Kidnapper Photo
  • Character Art Cards (8)



There's trouble once again on the mean streets of River City, but this time the boys are in over their heads! In this all-new entry in the legendary beat-'em-up series, hot-blooded heroes Kunio and Riki have been captured, leaving it to their hard-hitting girlfriends, Kyoko and Misako, to serve up some payback. As you punch and kick your way across town - either solo or with a friend in local co-op - you'll gain new skills, chow down on power-ups, wield an assortment of weapons, and unleash an arsenal of combos, throws, and special attacks that will leave the bad guys crying for mama - all in outrageous 16-bit style! The awesome action is punctuated by manga story panels, anime cutscenes, and an epic synth-pop soundtrack. It’s an old-school rumble for a new generation!

Key Features:
• Wild beat-'em-up action for 1 or 2 players
• Glorious anime and manga cutscenes
• Rockin’ synth-pop soundtrack
• Six large areas of the city to explore and fight in
• Loads of weapons, items, and abilities

Players: 1-2 

Genre: Fighting, Multiplayer, Arcade, Adventure

Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian

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