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Estimated Ship Date: Q3 2022

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Witch n' Wiz (NES)


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Witch n' Wiz on physical cartridge for the NES. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. 


Witch n' Wiz Includes: 
  • Accurate NES Sized Box
  • Witch n' Wiz NES cartridge in standard grey color
  • Limited Run Dust Sleeve
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Digital ROM (will be emailed to you some time after purchase)


NTSC and PAL format

    A young boy has been kidnapped by a Dark Sorceress! It's up to his best friend, a young Witch, to rescue him but it won't be easy!

    Over 100 levels of brain-melting puzzles stand between the two, and it's up to you solve them all!

    Not just retro-looking
    This is a real NES game that runs on real NES hardware! 

    Battery save included
    No passwords required! Witch n' Wiz is built with full battery save support, and has multiple save slots, so the whole family can play on one cart!

    Undo your mistakes
    Rewind time 1 or even 100s of moves, so you don't need to restart the entire puzzle when you make a mistake.

    Evolving gameplay
    Designed to introduce a new gameplay twist every 5-10 levels to keep the game feeling fresh start-to-finish.

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    Production Status: In Production
    Estimated Ship Date: Q3 2022