Xbox Limited Run #12: Gargoyles Remastered


Xbox Limited Run #12: Gargoyles Remastered

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Fantasy Violence

Blast through 1,000 years of gothic adventure with the stone-crushing strength of the legendary Goliath.

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Gargoyles Remastered is on a region-free physical disc for the Xbox One. Also works on the Xbox Series X. This is an open pre-order for a limited time.

PRE-ORDERS CLOSE ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2023 AT 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME.Genre: Action, Adventure

# of Players: 1 Player

Supported Languages: English

PLEASE NOTE: There is no purchase limit on this item. This item is currently in manufacturing and artwork is subject to change. Products are typically not expected to ship until 4-6 months after the preorder window closes. Future production updates will be visible on the product page and your account page. All orders are considered final and can not be canceled.

About the Game

We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!

Blast through 1,000 years of gothic adventure with the stone-crushing strength of the legendary Goliath. Challenge armies of Ancient Viking Warriors. Smash relentless hordes of 3D robots in modern day Manhattan. Your Goal - To find and destroy the Evil Eye of Odin before it destroys the world.

Featuring remastered visuals and controls!

Key Features

  • Play as Goliath, leader of the Gargoyles: Use stone-crushing strength, scale stone towers and buildings with razor-sharp claws, and glide through the air as you master mid-air attacks and hand-to-hand combat in non-stop action to save the world from destruction.
  • Immersive Graphics Experience: Seamlessly toggle in real-time between graphics inspired by the animated series and classic 16-bit mode true to the original game.
  • Authentic Gargoyles Experience: Relive the story of Goliath and the Gargoyles’ battle against the evil Eye of Odin with new animations and sound effects inspired by the Gargoyles animated series.
  • Customize Your Experience: Tailor your gameplay with modern features including instant rewind, wide-screen presentation, and achievements!
  • Remastered Soundtrack: Experience the original soundtrack, remastered and optimized for a more immersive adventure.

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