Announcing Thimbleweed Park!

Coming this March 30th will be our first Switch title, Thimbleweed Park! 

This will be an open preorder for a limited amount of time for Switch!

It will also be on sale for PS4! 

Even better, we will have a collector's edition brought to you by our partnership with Fangamer!

March 14, 2018

March 16th!


March 12, 2018

Nurse Love Addiction!

March 09, 2018

Super Hydorah!

February 27, 2018

Lethal League!

Lethal League coming this March 9th!
February 26, 2018

Tribute Games Announcement!

We are super stoked to announce that Mercenary Kings is not only coming to PS4/Vita, but also Switch! Each game will have a reversible cover! 

We are also excited to announce fan favorite Flinthook for the Switch!
January 25, 2018

PAX South

If you are going to PAX South, stop by our booth! 

We will be selling some of our past stock and some goodies we found hiding as we get ready to move into our new office! 

January 09, 2018

Sky Force Anniversary!

Announcing Sky Force Anniversary for PS4 and Vita, January 26th!

January 05, 2018

Yesterday Origins and Rock Boshers on sale Friday!

Thank you, everyone, who participated in our 2017 Blowout sale yesterday! 

Don't forget on Friday at 10 AM & 6 PM Eastern Time we have three brand new releases for you!

January 02, 2018

The 2017 Leftover Inventory Blowout Sale

It's time to clear out our stock room!

This New Year's Day, Monday, January 1st, 2018 - we'll be listing the vast majority of our leftover stock from our 2017 releases (outside of whatever we end up holding on to for live events). For every release we do, we end up holding back around 10% of the total run in order to have replacements on hand. For most games, we rarely even need to use 1% of that, but we like to play it safe! This means we have a TON of leftovers!

Everything we have on offer will go live on the site at 10AM Eastern Time, and there will no purchase limits outside of some of the very limited offerings (mostly collector's editions).

As with our 2016 Black Friday sale, we'll be offering blind boxed games for both PS4 and Vita. These blind boxes will be packaged in a special custom printed box, randomized, and shrinkwrapped. This year, we've made sure to retain equal amounts of some very hot titles for the blind boxes so there will not be any kind of imbalance towards specific titles. At a flat price of $24.99 per blind box, customers will have a chance to get some more expensive titles at a lower price!

Very small quantities of some 2016 releases will also be inserted into blind boxes so there will be a small chance to obtain Breach & Clear, Saturday Morning RPG, Firewatch, Shantae, and some other 2016 games. We're pulling those from our personal collections to make these blind boxes extra exciting!

Alongside the clearance blowout, we'll have a brand new game available - Arcade Distillery's Mecho Tales. This game is available in two flavors - a standard edition, limited to 1,500 copies, and a "developer edition", limited to 1,000 copies. The developer edition includes a slipcover, new art, and an additional trading card and it exists to help provide more funding for the developer to continue creating fantastic gaming experiences. Both games go on sale on Monday, January 1st at 10 AM Eastern Time.

December 29, 2017